Kids & Privilege 🤔

**DISCLAIMER: This point of view is coming from a person who does NOT have kids of her own. However, I’ve had a big help in my nephews!**

Okay, let’s cut straight to the point. I think a lot of parents are raising future hellraisers in society. I remember growing up, I wouldn’t dare fix my lips to talk back nor swear at my mother. I feared for losing my life if I was to raise my hand at my mother. Bringing home mediocre grades was completely unacceptable in Katrina’s household. And after all of that, thought I was going to still be rewarded! Haaaaa! WRONG! 

To be honest, the woman is head of the household, and her kids are a strong reflection of who she is. If I was at school, the mall, the grocery store….wherever, if I showed my ass, my mom would do the same. Boy I swear, these days, these kids don’t know half the struggle! I hear about and see so many friends, family, and associates kids that are just outright disrespectful and the parents can’t…and in a lot of cases, don’t care enough to do anything about it. If I were these women, I’d be embarrassed. However, as I’ve said in the beginning, I’m also not a parent. 

But here’s my thing, when was being one of Bebe’s Kids supposed to be rewarding? These kids don’t get punished anymore. Everyone is scared to go to jail for whooping ass…..don’t beat them, just instill some fear. Especially in prime ages of like 11-16. You still have a chance. So many parents are depending on technology and TV to raise their kids because many of us are too lazy to do constructive things with the kids to keep them on the straight and narrow. 

All I want to know is where did being your child’s friend vs parent become okay?! As adults, we’re buying kids respect and bribing them to act accordingly in public settings….WTF?! What are your thoughts on this?!


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