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Blasts From the Past…..

People always tell say, “he/she’s and ex for a reason,” or “he/she’s in your past for a reason, so just leave them there…” but is that always necessarily true? Do you ever wonder what things may have been like if you had dated some of your exes at the stage you are in your life now; or are you completely sure that they are in your past for a reason? What if you had waited…..


The reason that this topic came about is that recently it seems like various people from my past are popping back up and they are coming at me full force. Meanwhile, I am just sitting here thinking to myself….BRUH!! This can’t be life. I mean just when I had come to terms that maybe being single is what I am meant to be, or I need to continue to work on myself, by myself….they come knocking on the door like, oh hell nah lil baby! We’re about to work on us! All I want to do is be great.

Funny thing is, I’m not the only person that this is happening to right now. Is it a Blast From the Past epidemic right now. But we are all asking ourselves the same questions, is it worth it now since it didn’t work in the past? I’m a firm believer that timing is everything….but to what extent should you reconsider a fling/ex from your past? I honestly believe that people do change over time. I can guarantee that I am not the same Tequila at 32 that I was as 22 or even 26, so I try to consider those things.

But the bigger question at hand for me is, what is your motive? What is your intent for me, you, us at this time? Are you coming back around because you’re bored? Are you back because you think you made a mistake and are ready to admit to the mistakes of the past? Or are you just simply looking for something to do for the time being? Why after 6+ years did you decide to reach out to “make things right” or “try us again”? Blast From the Past….what do you want from me? Why now?

… it even worth the effort? This is the only question lingering in my mind at this point. But I’ll allow you to show me who you are today, and show me if my past decisions were the right decision…or if today is another mistake waiting to happen!


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